Video Tape Conversion

Video Tape Conversion 

Specialize in the transfer or convert of analogue film, video tape and audio cassettes to digital formats.
VCR-Mini DV- MP8- Digital 8 - EC45 -DVD -CD - Audio Cassettes
Date Published: 02/07/2013
Convert Mini DV,VHS,NEG film, MP8,Digital 8 ,EC45 to DVD and transfer audio to CD or any other format you require from.
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Video Tape Conversion

Video Tape Conversion experts company in Penang Malaysia.We specialise on video and audio tape conversion,transfer all kind analogue film,audio,video to digital formats.High quality convert VHS to DVD,negative film to DVD,audio cassette to CD,Micro cassette to CD,Hi8/digital 8 to DVD,mini DV to DVD,HD Camcorder to DVD,EC45 /VHS-C to dvd,Micro cassette to CD,positive film to CD,positive film to CD and also offer disc label printing,CD/DVD duplication,video editing and any other services you require from.

Saving Memories – Converting Video Tape to DVD

Remember the holidays from three – ten years ago? Birthdays? Family outings? The great times you had with your parents, grandparents or great grandparents? you glad you captured all of those special, precious moments on videotape? you got dozens of taped memories stacked in a cabinet or tucked away on a shelf in closet .Now is the time to preserve your video taped memories ,any analogue negative film, VCR/VHS video or audio cassette tapes that you want transfer to a digital medium, regardless of format or age, we can help you out. Listed below are video tape conversion services we offer:

• VHS video tape conversion – PAL / SECAM / NTSC (American Format)

• Audio Cassette to CD conversion 

• VCR to Web File Conversion

• Digital or analogue Video to Digital Format – AVI / MPG / WMV / MOV

• HD Camcorder conversion 

• Hi8/Digital-8  video tape conversion

• Mini DV video tape conversion

• Data files (MPEG, AVI, Quicktime) to DVD

• EC45/VHS-C video tape conversion  • Micro cassette to CD • negative film to CD

• positive film to CD

If there’s something you require that isn’t on this list, please feel free to contact us and let us know, as we are highly likely to be able to meet whatever needs you may have.

Guarantees process exceptionally high standard .

The Video Tape Conversion process we use is exceptionally high standard,once conversion is completed, your footage will be put onto DVD.and guarantees great results. However, if you want to have a data file copy of your footage so that you can edit it yourself, you can use the video for web streaming, or just have a backup of the footage itself, we can cater to those needs as well,no matter what data format you might need, we can meet your requirements.

CONTACT US get a QUOTE if you have a lot of video tape to convert  .

HK PHOTO PENANG will give a special deal if you have a lot of video tape to convert,contact us get a quote today ! Now is the time to preserve your video taped memories.VHS and Camcorder tapes will not last indefinitely.DVD offers excellent archival properties, as well as convenient playback on DVD set top players*.


Not from Penang ! No Time for sending out video tape to us !No problem try out our special Call For Pick up video tape services ( This service only in MALAYSIA .contact us if you have a question about this services  )

FREE DELIVERY in Malaysia 

We will send back the tape to you once ready.The DELIVERY is FREE in Malaysia ( Terms and Conditions ) Scheduling a pickup is easy,you simply need to call or email us before your scheduled service day. We need to receive the request for pick up no later than 2:30 pm on the business day before your pick up day. Please be aware of holidays that may affect the time that you need to request a pick up.


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Packing Tips and Tools How to pack your VCR video tape ? Review our four basic tips for proper packaging and follow our detailed packaging guidelines.

Video Tape Conversion
VCR /VHS video tape conversion