YANTON T-350 walkie-talkie

YANTON T-350 walkie-talkie

These handheld devices can allow you to instantly chat with another person without having to dial a phone number or rely on spotty cell service. YANTON Two way radio from Digital-Printing-Gift.com is available in a variety of wattages with several different channel options to choose from so that you can keep up with whomever you need to at home, Industry,Constrction,Retail,Education,Hospitality or kids walkie-talkie anywhere else you might be Whether it’s through 4 channels, 6 channels or 16 channels our YANTON YANTON T-350 Walkie-talkie ensure that you stay connected and that your transmissions are heard loud and clear.By Lim John

ezcap USB2 Video Capture Card Special Offer

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EZCAP USB Video capture card
EZCAP USB Video capture card special offer

Transfer Video to your Computer Capture from any video source with composite (RCA) or S-Video output. Preserve your video memories by transferring them to your PC for editing, burning them to DVD or sharing them on the web. With plug-in-play simplicity and a step-by step guide, transferring your home movies from almost any video device to DVD has never been easier or faster. Flexible video capture capabilities with comprehensive video editing tools allow users to capture video from any analog or digital source to make great movies. EZ CAP USB2 combines a high-quality video capture device with easy-to-use video editing software  It’s never been simpler or faster to impress your friends and family with great looking videos—anytime, anywhere. Quickly import videos and photos—then edit scenes and add professional polish with over 1000 unique, professional-level transitions and effects. Share your masterpiece directly on the web with one-click uploading to YouTube™, or easily transfer your video to a variety of devices. The unique new Archive and Restore tool conveniently preserves your work. Compatible with Windows 7, Windows VISTA,Windows XP, MAC .

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