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HK PHOTO Penang Malaysia is one of the leading video tape conversion companies in the Penang.Our main business is to supply personalized gift printing products and merchandise, we provide mug printing services for your Ceramic Mug. Secondary business is distributing YANTON walkie-talkie or two-way radios and supplying other brand like MOTOROLA walkie-talkie, KENWOOD walkie-talkie in communication market PENANG.
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Date Published: 07/14/2012
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HK PHOTO Penang Malaysia.

HK Photo Penang Malaysia
HK Photo Penang Malaysia

Video Tape Conversion  as known as HK PHOTO Penang Malaysia is one of the leading video tape conversion companies in the Penang Malaysia , have been in the convert video tape to DVD business for more than 20 years. As technology progresses, we’re constantly switching out the old for the new. There’s been so many different tape formats and shifts of technology over the years, Our Transfer video Tape Types Service Include : VCR, MP8, EC45, MINI DV, AUDIO CASSETTE, DIGITAL 8.We also offer CD, DVD duplication services with full color disc label printing. We handle all Video & audio formats, from home use to professional,if you need to transfer VCR, Film, Memory card, Slide to DVD – look no further ! Call us on 604-2273210.YOU ARE NOT FROM PENANG ! NO TIME FOR SENDING OUT VIDEO TAPE TO US !  No problem TRY OUR ” CALL FOR PICK UP YOUR VIDEO TAPE SERVICES ” ( This service only in MALAYSIA contact out office 04-2273210 if you have a question about this services  )We will send back the tape to you ones ready, The DELIVERY is FREE in Malaysia ( Terms and Conditions ) Scheduling a pickup is easy,you simply need to call or email us before your scheduled service day. We need to receive the request for pick up no later than 2:30 pm on the business day before your pick up day. Please be aware of holidays that may affect the time that you need to request a pick up.more by Lim John

Personalized Gift Printing .

We also suppliers of personalized gift printing products and merchandise in Penang, that can be printed with your choice of photograph, artwork, logo. We provide mug printing services for your Ceramic Mug – Coffee Mug – Beer Mug – Magic Mug – mini Coffee Mug – Football Mug – Gold Color Mug – Silver Color Mug – Transparent Mug – Latte Mug . We aso can offer Coasters Printing – Jigsaws Puzzle Printing – Metal Printing – Glass Printing – PVC name card Printing – Photo Book Printing – Ceramic Plate Printing – Metal Plate Printing- Pillow case Printing- Glass Clock Printing – T ‘shirt Printing – Canvas Printing – Banner Printing . All of your personalized gift printing ideas, business promotions and club promotions. We can printed it , add an Individuals name on each product, your clients and your Lover will live a Mug printed with their name and Love massage on it .

Toner Cartridges and Ink Cartridges Refills.

Recycling Can Save Our Planet. How to Recycle your Laser Printer and Inkjet Printer Cartridges ? Answer is the practice of refill empty Printer Cartridges with new toner powder.This enables the cartridge to be reused, saving the cost of a complete new cartridge and the impact of the waste and disposal of the old one. We provide full range of Toner Refill – HP printer toner refill – Canon Printer toner refill – Samsung printer toner refill – Xerox printer toner refill – Brother printer toner refill and more. Bring them into Our store to learn more.

YANTON Walkie-Talkie .

We are YANTON walkie-talkie or two-way radios  retailers and supplying other brand like MOTOROLA walkie-talkie, KENWOOD walkie-talkie in communication market Penang Malaysia. The YANTON of two-way radios isn’t just about keeping you connected. It’s also about giving you options. A YANTON two way radio from ( as known as HK PHOTO PENANG ) is available in a variety of wattages with several different channel options to choose from so that you can keep up with whomever you need to at home, on the job, or anywhere else you might be. Whether it’s through 4 channels, 6 channels, or 16 channels, our YANTON radios ensure that you stay connected and that your transmissions are heard loud and clear. Plus, we carry YANTON two way radio accessories to ensure you get the connection you need, when you need it. Make a YANTON radio part of your job site or travel checklist.  ( as known as HK PHOTO Penang ) will be standing by with a great selection from the YANTON Walkie-Talkie line to ensure that you get the best YANTON two way radios for your money. Shop our selection today and save !attention from the Industry,Constrction,Retail.Education,Hospitality.Call Us for DEMO ON YOUR DOORSTEP. Photo Printing & Passport Photos Services. Get Passport and ID Photos in Minutes .Fast and Convenient ! Get fast and convenient passport, picture ID, Driving Lesen, and Malaysia Dept. photos. A professional-quality passport photo for just Rm 15.00 with CD ( softcopy ) . Our photo technicians are trained to ensure that your passport and ID photos adhere to strict federal Lim John

With over 25 years of experience in the photo printing business ( as known as HK PHOTO PENANG )have become renowned as the leading Digital Photos Specialist and have established a name synonymous with excellent quality, service and expertise providing our customers with great photo prints. Key to our vast range of photographic services is traditional Photo Developing and Digital photo printing. Our team of specialists will manually enhance each and every photograph that we print in order to ensure optimum color, contrast and density ensuring that you receive beautiful photos that capture your special moments. If you are planning on getting your digital photo printed or if you have some disposable cameras or films that need developing, why not try our professional photo printing service ? You will be impressed with the results, Printing photos has never been easy, Simply use our fast online up loader and order whichever size and finish you prefer or, alternatively, bring your camera or media card to  ( as known as HK PHOTO PENANG ) store and let our Specialists do the rest – it’s the best of both worlds!

Digital Camera & Camera Accessories .

We are more than a Camera shop, Imaging and beyond, since 1998 . Your first stop when buying a Digital Camera .Whether you’re looking for the best deals and comparison prices on digital camera brand like NIKON, CANON, OLYMPUS, FUJI, SONY, PANASONIC or the best bags cases, DSLR Accessory kits – Adapters & Chargers – Camera Bags & Cases – Camera Batteries – Camera – Cables – Flashes accessories – Camera Lenses – Filter Protectors – Memory Cards – USB Drives – Lighting – Camera Remotes -Tripods – Camera Hoods – USB Video Capture card – Digital Voice Recorder . Our hassle-free online tools will quickly find the right gear at the right price.written by Lim John

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