Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps can used for thousands of impressions.
Lim John ch Tan
Date Published: 08/16/2017
Rubber Stamps
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Rubber Stamps

A fantastic selection of custom rubber stamp, great for use in the office or organization. a wide range of date stamps, pre-inked stamp, cheque stamps and multi line stamps so you’re sure to find the rubber stamp to meet your needs.

All of rubber stamp come in at competitive prices and with free delivery in Penang Georgetown for orders over RM49 there has never been a better time to buy.

You can choose a large range of high quality stamps with many different colors and types of ink . It’s can used for thousands of impressions.

Rubber stamp ink available in many luscious colors choose the best colors to match your custom rubber stamp.

We also provide replacement ink to further extend the life of your rubber stamp. If your stamp impressions are getting light, you can re-ink your stamps, most of all stamps are easy to refill and you will find step by step instructions to guide you on the proper way to re-ink your chosen model.

The ink are split between  water based and pigment quick dye ink. A pigment ink is waterproof and can be apply to the glass, plastic, wood and many other glassy surface. Choosing ink types can be a key factor in your rubber stamp. You can Order rubber stamps online in from only Rm 25.00 unit it’s also can ready instantly.By Lim John




 Rubber Stamps
Rubber Stamps



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