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Penang Photo shop with over 25 years of experience in the printing business.

Penang Photo shop

HK PHOTO PENANG is a Penang Photo shop 25 years of experience printing business have become renowned as the leading Digital Photos Specialist and have established a name synonymous with excellent quality, service and expertise providing our customers with great photo prints.

Professional photo printing service

Key to our vast range of photographic services is traditional Photo Developing and Digital photo printing.Our team of specialists will manually enhance each and every photograph that we print in order to ensure optimum color,contrast and density ensuring that you receive beautiful photos that capture your special moments.If you are planning on getting your digital photo printed or if you have some disposable cameras or films that need developing, why not try our professional photo printing service ? You will be impressed with the results, Printing photos has never been easy,Simply use our fast online up loader and order whichever size and finish you prefer or,alternatively, bring your camera or media card to HK PHOTO PENANG photo shop and let our specialists do the rest – it’s the best of both worlds !

Georgetown Penang Malaysia .

One of the most numerous in Malaysia.With the inscription of George Town  as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage City  in 7th July 2008. The UNESCO heritage of Penang encompass buildings constructed by the British during the colonial era, clan temples of the various Chinese clan associations, religious structures including temples, mosques, churches and shrines, and other structures, including pre-war shop houses within the inner city.

Services Offered :

. Video Tape Conversion

. Personalized Gift Printing

. Refills Toner cartridges

. Refills Ink Cartridges

. Laser printer compatible toner cartridges


. DVD Duplicator

. Digital camera accessories

. Memory Card-USB Flash Drive-Hard Drive media recovery services

. Old image Restoration & Enhancement Services.

. Scanning Services

. Visa-Passport photograph

. Digital photo printing services.

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Penang Photo Shop
Penang Photo Shop



Valentines days buy 1 get free 1 in penang malaysia

Valentines days buy 1 get free 1 in penang malaysia

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Valentines days buy 1 get free 1 in penang malaysia
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Valentine’s Days buy 1 get 1 free in Penang Malaysia,Just print out the coupon & place you and beloved couple photograph on a A4 size paper and even black & white version also is acceptable. So don’t miss out this greats  Valentine’s Day Special Deals from HK PHOTO Penang !

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You won’t be disappointed with our Valentine’s Day buy 1 get 1 free special deals, our photo quality ceramic photo mugs Printing 2 with only Rm 29.00. Being dishwasher and microwave proof personalized mugs, they are our most popular photo gift. You can personalise your photo mug with a favourite photograph and a special message. A perfect gift for your beloved.

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John Mobile  : 6016-4700341

Work Tel       : 604-2273210

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Welcome to ( as known as HK PHOTO Penang )

HK photo shop in Penang

HK PHOTO Penang Malaysia is one of the leading video tape conversion companies in the Penang Malaysia.have been in the convert video tape to DVD business for more than 20 years.Our main business suppliers personalized gift printing products and merchandise ,provide mug printing services for your Ceramic Mug – Coffee Mug – Beer Mug – Magic Mug – mini Coffee Mug – Football Mug – Gold Color Mug – Silver Color Mug – Transparent Mug – Latte Mug . We also offer Coasters Printing – Jigsaws Puzzle Printing – Metal Printing – Glass Printing – PVC name card Printing – Photo Book Printing – Ceramic Plate Printing – Metal Plate Printing – T ‘shirt Printing – Canvas Printing – Banner Printing.Secondary business is YANTON walkie-talkie or two-way radios retailers and supplying other brand like MOTOROLA walkie-talkie,KENWOOD walkie-talkie in communication market Penang Malaysia.

John Mobile  : 6016-4700341

Work Tel       : 604-2273210

Work email  :   

John email  :

Connect with me on google+ at LIM JOHN