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digitalprintinggift.com ( as known as HK PHOTO PENANG ) Is one of the leading video tape conversion,walkie-talkies,toner cartridges refill,personalized gift printing companies in the Georgetown Penang Malaysia .( Read about Penang.One of the most numerous in Malaysia.With the inscription of George Town  as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage City  in 7th July 2008. The UNESCO heritage of Penang encompass buildings constructed by the British during the colonial era, clan temples of the various Chinese clan associations, religious structures including temples, mosques, churches and shrines, and other structures, including pre-war shop houses within the inner city. )  By Lim John 

Video Tape Conversion .

We Convert video tape to DVD business for more than 20 years,as technology progresses we’re constantly switching out the old for the new.There’s been so many different tape formats and shifts of technology over the years,Our Transfer video Tape Types Service Include : VCR – MP8 – EC45 – MINI DV – AUDIO CASSETTE – digital 8. We also offer CD,DVD duplication and disc label printing,dvd covers printing services .


We handle all Video & audio formats, from home use to professional, ever wondered you need to transfer VCR tape,negative film, Memory card,Slide,photo,DV tape,MP 8,Digital 8,EC45 to DVD ? look no further ! find out now our ” CALL FOR PICK UP YOUR VIDEO TAPE SERVICES  ” Read more ..

YOU ARE NOT FROM PENANG ! NO TIME FOR SENDING OUT VIDEO TAPE TO US ! No problem CALL FOR PICK UP YOUR VIDEO TAPE ( This service only in MALAYSIA contact out office 04-2273210 if you have a question about this services  ) We will send back the tape to you ones ready, The DELIVERY is FREE in Malaysia ( Terms and Conditions ) Scheduling a pickup is easy,you simply need to call or email us before your scheduled service day. We need to receive the request for pick up no later than 2:30 pm on the business day before your pick up day. Please be aware of holidays that may affect the time that you need to request a pick up.By Lim John

Personalized Gift Printing .

digitalprintinggift.com also suppliers of personalized gift printing products and merchandise.That can be printed with your choice of photograph,artwork, logo.Read about personalized gift printing products …We provide mug printing services for Ceramic Mug-Coffee Mug-Beer Mug- Magic Mug-mini Coffee Mug-Football Mug-Gold Colour Mug-Silver Colour Mug-Transparent Mug-Latte Mug – Plastic Mug.We aso can offer Coasters Printing-Jigsaws Puzzle Printing-Metal Printing-Glass Printing – PVC name card Printing-Photo Book Printing-Ceramic Plate Printing-Matel Plate Printing-T ‘shirt Printing-Glass Clock Printing-Pillow case Printing-Canvas Printing-Banner Printing .Find out now your personalized printing ideas for Christmas Gift-Wedding Gift- New Year- business promotions-club promotions-Birthday- Anniversary- Mother’s Day- Father’s Day-Engagement-Congratulations Gift- Valentine Day-Souvenirs- Party in digitalprintinggift.com .We can printed it,add an Individuals name on each product, your clients and your Lover will live a Mug printed with their name and Love massage on it .Presented by Lim John

Toner cartridges and Ink Cartridges refills .

Recycling Can Save Our Planet.How to Recycle your Laser Printer and Inkjet Printer Cartridges ? Answer is the practice of refill empty Printer Cartridges with new toner powder.This enables the cartridge to be reused, saving the cost of a complete new cartridge and the impact of the waste and disposal of the old one,digitalprintinggift.com refill full range of Laser Printer Toner Cartridges-HP toner Cartridges-Canon toner Cartridges-Samsung toner Cartridges-Xerox toner Cartridges-Brother toner Cartridges.More by Lim John… 

Compatible laser printer toner cartridges.

We also provide compatible brands of toner cartridges for a wide variety of monochrome and color use with Brother printer,Dell printer,Samsung printer,Xerox printer,HP printer,and other canon laser printers. 


digitalprintinggift.com distributing YANTON walkie-talkie or two-way radios and selling other walkie-talkie brand’s like MOTOROLA-KENWOOD-YANTON-VERTEX STANDARD-BAOFENG-WEIERWEI-HYT in communication market Penang Malaysia.Sales and service experience for seven years, we’ve gone beyond simply supplying you with professional FM transceiver. We’ve aspired to share our knowledge of technology with you in the most personalized way. YANTON Company walkie talkie cost effective two-way radio communications licence fee,no airtime charges or contracts attention for the Industry,Construction, Retail.Education,Hospitality. The YANTON T- Series provides you with all the convenience and benefits of two-way communications without the cost or hassle of obtaining an operating licence. Complete flexibility is assured as any number of new handsets can be added to your radio fleet at any time to accommodate a growing workforce. digitalprintinggift.com provides a wide range of YANTON Walkie-Talkie such as the following : Service and repair, Programming, Rental of walkie-talkies,  Accessories: Battery,Charger,Earphone,Antenna,Belt clip. Also provides others Brand Walkie-Talkie Service,repair and Programming etc:







For all enquires please contact us at Tel: +604-2273210 (0900 hrs to 1900 hrs) (GMT +8) or you can drop us an Email at digitalprintinggift@gmail.com . Visit our store,and you’ll find a sales staff made up of industry professionals who share your passion for technology and will help you use it to its fullest potential.Call Us for DEMO ON YOUR DOORSTEP. By Lim John

DVD Duplicator.

We selling online DVD Duplicator with high quality Acard Optical Board.Professional SATA Controller Support 24X DVD Recording DVD Duplicator.Acard Optical Duplicator is a standalone duplicate controller supporting high speed SATA BD/DVD/CD writers. ACARD RISC CPU Engine,With ACARD RISC CPU Engine, it doesn’t need connecting to a computer or require much learning. Simply through the LCD and the button on the panel you can use the copy controller to back up data, audio or video BD/DVD/CD quickly. It support SATA BD/DVD/CD drives for recording quickly,Independent fully native SATA channel data acceleration,totally independent without installing hardware or software,supports high-speed SATA recording,has a user-friendly interface and shows messages with LCD 32-bit RISC with SATA SOC controller, 16 Kbyte data cache inside the SOC,high reliability of SDRAM for embedded system,512KB flash memory for copy code, It is quite fit for general offices.

Digital camera accessories.

digitalprintinggift.com are more than a Camera shop, Imaging and beyond, since 1998.Your first stop when buying a Digital Camera.Whether you’re looking for the best deals and comparison prices on digital camera brand like NIKON-CANON-OLYMPUS- FUJI-SONY-PANASONIC or the best bags cases, DSLR Accessory kits – Adapters & Chargers – Camera Bags & Cases-Camera Batteries-Camera-Cables – Flashes accessories-Camera Lenses-Filter Protectors-Memory Cards-USB Drives – Lighting-Camera Remotes-Tripods-Camera Hoods-USB Video Capture card-Digital Voice Recorder-wireless presenter & laser pointer- GPS System.Our hassle-free online tools will quickly find the right gear at the right price.  Author by Lim John

Memory Card-USB Flash Drive-Hard Drive media recovery services .

We Can provides a crucial service for any memory card-USB Flash Drive-Hard Drive.Our Supported Data Loss Situations is Manufacturing defects-Mishandling of the USB drive due to shock or dropping-Virus Attacks-Human Errors comprising accidental deletion of data-Unable to mount or execute data-Corrupt data-Natural Disasters-Static electricity & accidentally formatted.If you’ve lost your digital images,DON’T PANIC.Very often lost images are recoverable. Stop doing anything more to the card,  Send your card to us digitalprintinggift.com CAN RECOVER YOUR FILES.If we cannot recover your photos, there is no charge. Please contact digitalprintinggift.com if you have question about recovery.

Old image Restoration & Enhancement Services.

We Offer you an accredited, quality photo restoration service and photo repairs where we digitally repair your old images.We restore your faded prints and old photographs at an affordable price.All done with a fast friendly service. If you are a Genealogist or Historian or just researching your family tree, drop us an email or give us a call for a fast, friendly repairs. Order your old image restoration today with digitalprintinggift.com. By Lim John

Scanning Services Negative-Slide-Scanning Services. digitalprintinggift.com provides professional high-resolution slide, negative and transparency scanning services.We scan all major film types at up to 4000 dpi using the latest professional grade scanning equipment; from 110 film to 120/220 medium format film. All scans are done in house at our shop HK PHOTO in PENANG location. Produce unmatched image quality.Our expert digital imaging technicians spend time with each individual frame to ensure ideal exposure,focus, color fidelity,cropping,and orientation.We Offer unmounted 35mm,110,126,& 127 positive & negative-filmstrip scanning & transparency scanning-Selective frame 35mm negative scanning 120/220 medium format slide.

Visa-Passport-Identification photograph .

digitalprintinggift.com provide national and international passport photographs to customers around the world. Our local customers in Penang Malaysia tend to visit our photo studio where we take their photographs and print them while they wait. Though, many local customers find it more convenient to upload their own photos. Our national and international customers upload their own photographs using this web site and we turn them into the type of passport or visa photographs that they require. We then post their photographs so that they receive them within a day or two. All of our passport and visa photographs comply with the national and international regulations regarding biometric standards.We provide passport and visa photographs for most countries, so it is impossible to list them all here. Our specialist skills in passport and visa photography mean that we serve the needs of people. The most common forms of passport and visa photography are: UK passport photographs-Indian visa photos- US (American) visa and passport photographs- Canadian passport- permanent residency- temporary residency and citizenship photos- Irish passport photographs- Polish passport and ID photos 

Digital printing photo printing service .

With over 25 years of experience in the photo printing business.digitalprintinggift.com ( as known as HK PHOTO PENANG ) have become renowned as the leading Digital Photos Specialist and have established a name synonymous with excellent quality, service and expertise providing our customers with great photo prints. Key to our vast range of photographic services is traditional Photo Developing and Digital photo printing.Our team of specialists will manually enhance each and every photograph that we print in order to ensure optimum color,contrast and density ensuring that you receive beautiful photos that capture your special moments.If you are planning on getting your digital photo printed or if you have some disposable cameras or films that need developing, why not try our professional photo printing service ? You will be impressed with the results, Printing photos has never been easy,Simply use our fast online up loader and order whichever size and finish you prefer or,alternatively, bring your camera or media card to digitalprintinggift.com store and let our specialists do the rest – it’s the best of both worlds ! By Lim John

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